Welcome to Grace Community Church, a place where:

  • Lost folks can find God,
  • Saved folks find nurture and friends in Christ,
  • All of us find meaningful ministry and,
  • Are changed into people who faithfully follow Jesus Christ and,
  • Thus enjoy the abundant life.

Who attends Grace Community Church?

One look around Grace and you will see a diverse mix of people!

  • People in jeans and t-shirts and people in their "Sunday best",
  • Financially blessed people and those who don’t have a lot,
  • Traditional families, couples, and singles,
  • Builders, boomers, busters and mosiacs
  • Believers, non-believers, and doubters,
  • People full of joy and people struggling with issues.

As you look around you clearly notice one thing - everyone here is growing, learning and sincerely appreciating each other in Christ.


"Come as you are" - We don’t just say it, we live it.